Wednesday, October 29, 2008

White Heat

Song: White Heat
Artist: Madonna
Album: True Blue

I remember seeing an interview with Madonna just prior to “True Blue” coming out. The album was finished, and ready to go, but was being delayed because… she had too many singles still getting heavy rotation from “Like a Virgin!” In retrospect, it’s kind of daunting to thing that Madge released within five years “Virgin,” “True Blue,” and “Like a Prayer.” (Not to mention the soundtrack to “Who’s That Girl” and the remix album “You Can Dance.”)

“True Blue” has always held a special place in my heart in my love for Madonna. I love the Herb Ritts cover, the sheer deluge of singles (five of nine album tracks,) including of course her possible best ballad, “Live to Tell.” I loved the video’s from the album (“Open Your Heart” being a favorite.) All around good stuff.

So one of my FAVORITE album cuts of Madonna’s (a singles artist for sure) is the semi goofy, Jimmy Gagney sampling “White Heat.” I know I know… a lot of people, even fans, HATE this song. Either you loathe the line “Get up stand tall, put your back up against the wall, ‘cause my love is dangerous… this is a bust!” or you revel in its campyiness. I’m in the latter category. But then again, I worship the material girl.


Open Your Heart

Live to Tell

Papa Don’t Preach

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