Friday, October 10, 2008

Something is Not Right with Me

Song: Something is Not Right with Me
Artist: Cold War Kids
Album: Loyalty to Loyalty

Mr. Aging Hipster may not be connecting with the most recent crop of indie bands, but I’m still trying to stay on top of things. While my tastes have been going more dance and a bit more pop as of late, I’m still a rock music fan… I just haven’t found much that I find that interesting. Case in point, when the Cold War Kids broke big with their first album, I heard the single “Hang Me Up to Dry,” and didn’t dig it that much… UNTIL I heard the excellent “Hostage Remix” which was very popular in the hipster-homo set. (All fags really need is a good beat.)

So I’ve given their sophomore album, “Loyalty to Loyalty” a couple spins and while I’m not really connecting to it, I do think it’s pretty good. There a chance you might think the lead singers voice is annoying, I might not disagree. But there is an urgency and passion there that you might not find with say… Hoobastank.

“Something is Not Right with Me” is the first single and it’s practically over-flowing with that sort of now or never propulsion… it’s really hard not to take notice.


Something is Not Right with Me

Hang Me Up to Dry

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Lisa Skye said...

Going to see them at Webster Hall on Wednesday - love them and love that lead singer's sense of PASSION and urgency :)