Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radio Retaliation

Song: Radio Retaliation
Artist: Thievery Corporation
Album: Radio Retaliation

I’ve been really digging this record over the past couple weeks. I don’t listen to a lot of dub or acid jazz (a little boring okay?) but this album has really grabbed me. This is the first full record I’ve heard from Thievery Corporation, who hail from D.C. This is their 7th record since they started in 1999. They have consistently released music over the years, I guess I just haven’t been paying attention.

Despite their laid back vibe, the band is known for their political lyrics and action. Specifically, they claim “Radio Retaliation” is their most overtly political yet. Well… if I’m honest with you, I’ll say that I haven’t really heard that message as I’ve strictly used it as mood music. But tracks like “Radio Retaliation” make it clear that they are coming out against corporate saturation within radio and life itself.

Political or no, the album is great cocktail music, maybe best for your election day result party? Hmmm.

Unfortunately, I find with bands like this that make (in some respects) background music, I rarely follow up on past or future albums. There just isn’t enough that grabs me, despite listening to this a whole heck of a lot. But maybe it’s time to do some backtracking… this is that good.


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Lisa Skye said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thanks!!