Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Available (For You)

Song: Available (For You)
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Laura Single

Last night I was lucky enough to be in the small attendance or a secret show by New York’s own Scissor Sisters at the very tiny ‘Mercury Lounge.” Was it the smallest place the band has ever played? A, no… but that is why I write this. The Sisters were playing two secret shows (the first Monday night) under fake band names to “road-test” material from their forthcoming third album. They did this back in 2005 before releasing and touring behind their sophomore album “Tah-Da” at the same venue. They used the names “Monster Pussy” and Portion Control” on two of those dates, I was in attendance of the more infamous, “Bridget Jones Diarrhea.” This time they played as “Queef Latina” and last night’s “Debbie’s Hairy.”

What makes these shows exciting is a) they are playing brand new music for the first time in front of an audience. b) they are the most intimate shows they now play, a far cry from the arenas they are playing in the UK and throughout Europe and c) the audience is comprised of friends, family, and people that have been with the Sisters since the beginning.

The new tunes sound great, more 80’s influenced than the 70’s vibe of “Tah-Da.” I didn’t stop moving the entire time. Highlights included “Other Girls,” the Georgio Moroder-ish “The Strand” and the Babydaddy voiced (I know!) “Taking Shape.” To say I’m excited about the album is an understatement. Though no idea when it is set to be released. (nothing concrete has been said officially or non-officially.)

Given the “like old times” feel of this intimate show, I thought I would highlight an old live favorite from the beginning days, “Available (For You)” which was released as a B-Side from their first single off the debut album, “Laura.” In getting excited for the show I have been listening to all the Scissors stuff I had and this fun gem has been on repeat once again. I remember a friend asking Babydaddy if they would play “Available” for one of their New York shows after the release of their debut and they became international rock stars, and he said “No, we’ll probably never play that again.” I never say never… and if you’re a big fan, this is a tune you should know.


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