Friday, October 24, 2008

Everyone’s At It

Song: Everyone’s At It
Artist: Lily Allen
Album: It’s Not Me, It’s You

I’ve been eagerly awaiting some new official music from the UK’s fun, bratty, honest, ska-lite, Lily Allen. I was a big fan of her debut “Alright , Still” and the wait has been a little too long in my book. But the girl has been having a lot going on in her life, a miss-carriage, the end of that relationship (with a Chemical Brother) plus pretty much constant tabloid exposure… and unfortunately Ms. Allen has a lot to blame on herself, with wild posts to her MySpace blog, and drunken escapades in public.

But honestly… that’s part of her charm.

For her sophomore set, Ms. Allen is moving from the ska sound of her debut and going more electro-pop. (according to a statement by the singer herself.) First single “Everyone’s At It” sounds very Killers to me… in a good way. Has a great 80’s open sound to it. I’m digging it.

Allen has been quoted as saying that if people don’t like her new record she will quit songwriting and pursue a career in A & R because she “likes to go to concerts.” I’m hoping we all like the new record.



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