Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Soul Finger

Song: Soul Finger
Artist: The Bar-Kays
Album: Soul Finger

Arguably one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done was also a fun one to me… French DJ Bob Sinclar’s “Love Generation,” a song that took me ten months to figure out who did it and the title. (For the full story, check it out here.) Because I had actually put in all the wrong lyrics I had googled to find out what the song was in my post, others in the same situation got the info. Yay!

So when I was recently on vacation I finally got around to watching “Superbad” and heard another song that I didn’t know what it was, this one dates back to college so it’s practically a ten YEAR old mystery. Is that officially a “cold case?” Well I had certainly given up and stopped looking for answers. Anyhow, while I discovered the song I still haven’t found this compilation that it’s on.

Back in college a local radio station was being sold (in Rochester, NY) and a friend discovered it was no longer being programmed, it was just playing an instrumental compilation on repeat, 24/7. It was an absolutely crazy mix of all different kinds of tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Since this was still before the age of burnable CD’s, I made myself a little cassette mix of my favorite tracks right off the radio. (Old school right?) Since I didn’t know the song titles or artists I have them ridiculous names like “Soulful Space Jam” or “Your Hand is Caught in My Poodle Skirt.” I loved it.

Since seeing “Superbad” I have learned that a favorite off of that compilation, The Bar-Kays 1967’s single “Soul Finger,” is not, in fact titled “Snow Finger.” (Hence another reason internet searches lead me nowhere.) The compilation also features the song “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny (listen here) which I had titled “Scary Small Town Theme.” Even knowing those two tracks I still can’t find this compilation. Might a reader know it?

The Bar-Kays were a funk/R&B band that became Otis Redding’s backing band in 1967. Both “Soul Finger” and “Too Hot to Stop” were both used in “Superbad.” It’s a great little quirky party tune that’s good for any collection!


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