Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Riding on the Rocket

Song: Riding on the Rocket
Artist: Shonen Knife
Album: Let’s Knife!

One of the more endearing acts that came out (at least majorly) of the “alternative” music boom of the early 90’s was Shonen Knife, three women from Japan who played punk rock music about jelly beans, bison, Barbie, ice cream, and space travel. Given that this was a time in music when it seemed any odd act could get a record deal, Shonen Knife were truly a standout. With zero pretention and charm to spare… I was a fan immediately. Though admittedly, I lasted for two records… finding the whole thing just a bit too cloying.

“Riding on the Rocket” was my introduction to the band, and can be found on their major label debut “Let’s Knife.” Check out the video below which really shows how charming and goofy they are. I must say that if you like this song you’ll like this whole record… it’s very fun, and partly comprised from tracks already released independently in Japan.

I remember Kurt Cobain being a very vocal fan of the band, and they opened for Nirvana for a leg of one of their tours. I sort of can’t imagine the more jock fans of Nirvana digging these ladies. Haha. Surprisingly, I didn’t realize that the band formed all the way back in 1982, and that they were still releasing records! (Most recently with last year’s “fun! fun! fun!”)


Riding on the Rocket

Twist Barbie (live)

Brown Mushrooms

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