Thursday, August 28, 2008

Makin’ Like a Rug

Song: Makin’ Like a Rug
Artist: Eleventh Dream Day
Album: El Moodio

Chicago based Eleventh Dream Day formed in the late 80’s, and after a couple independent releases graduated to the majors but never caught on. I was first introduced by the band back in 1993 with the release of “El Moodio,” their sixth LP. Mixing straight up rock, elements of punk and rockabilly, Eleventh Dream Day to me were quintessential rock & roll, true, raw, and just plain good.

My introduction to the band came from seeing the video for “Makin’ Like a Rug” on 120 Minutes. The domestic drama subject and back and forth vocals of leads Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean really wailed, and I picked up the record soon after. The rest of “El Moodio” did not disappoint, with more down and dirty rock that seemed to seep with raw rock and roll energy.

Apparently “El Moodio” was their true stab at rock stardom which didn’t happen, and Atlantic Record subsequently dropped them. They returned to an indie and continued to release records. I missed the follow up, “Ursa Major” from 1994 but did get the more moody eighth record entitled um… “Eighth.” They’ve continued to release records, most recently with “Zeroes and Ones” from ’06.

I haven’t kept tabs on the band since “Eighth,” but I must admit… a recent spin of “Makin’ Like A Rug,” and other killer tracks from “El Moodio” like “That’s the Point,” “Murder,” and “Figure it Out” surely make me want to do a little more research. They’re a band that mostly fell through the cracks, making music that “they just don’t make like they used to.”


I guess they are obscure enough not to have any of their videos on YouTube… unbelievable!

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