Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Most of All

Song: Most of All
Artist: Morgan Geist
Album: Double Night Time

I’m not usually a fan of ambient, or faceless lounge music, but I do realize… the problem is me. I’m a hook guy. An emotion guy. And the idea of “background music” sort of makes me cringe. (I literally don’t own ONE film score, what’s the point?) But again… this is a little quirk in me as I just don’t connect to it. Like seafood, Cold Stone Creamery, and Celine fucking Dion.

So while “lounge” music doesn’t take up much space on my iPod, I do see how music that just sort of exists without much attention needed has its place. And I’ve DJ’d enough cocktail parties and dinners in which light music is exactly what’s needed; something in the background that doesn’t overpower conversation but alleviates awkward silence.

So recently I found a great record of this ilk in Morgan Geist’s (of Metro Area fame) upcoming September release “Double Night Time.” It reminds me a bit of Junior Boys, though there isn’t as much focus on actual “song” here. Mostly instrumental, it’s a great late night record, or early morning. “Most of All” is lyric based… so not totally representative of the record but you get the idea. Instead of “background” let’s call it “mood.”


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ladies in music said...

i love it. celine fucking dion, who i might add i rather enjoy and saw play in Vegas