Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man

Song: Iron Man
Artist: The Cardigans
Album: First Band on the Moon

The summer movie season officially got kicked off this last weekend with the release of “Iron Man,” the first big popcorn action flick of the season. The movie had an extremely successful opening weekend and is getting great reviews from both critics and audiences. I got to see it last week and thought it was really fun, smart, and quick witted. Robert Downey Jr. is getting raves for his performance, and much deserved. His Tony Stark is incredibly charming and ball to watch, even when he’s not blowing things up or flying (and falling) through the sky.

Of course the movie did not lose the chance to use the Black Sabbath song of the same name, both in the trailer and the final film (it plays over the end credits.) For me, hearing the original only reminds me of the cover done by The Cardigans back in 1996. If you are familiar with The Cardigans (and believe me you are, if not by name then you certainly know this) you might wonder how on earth they covered such a heavy song… well it’s done in their soft 60’s psychedelic pop style that they employed on their first couple albums. (They have since done harder, softer, and more electronic stuff.) Even odder is the fact that this was their second straight Sabbath cover on an album, as they did “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” on their debut “Life.” They are obviously fans, despite the odd re-working.

It’s funny, I never noticed that the “Iron Man” in the song comes back from the future to tell the world about mass destruction, only to be turned into steel in a magnetic field, and unable to communicate the coming apocalypse because he can’t move or talk. He turns to steel… but is called IRON Man. (Though Steel is an iron alloy) And beyond that he had “heavy boots of lead.” Lead also is not iron. I suppose that what they’re really saying, (despite the science) is that this guy is HEAVY. He’s got heavy things going on, he’s responsible for some heavy times ahead, and the song should therefore be HEAVY.


Iron Man Trailer:

Not an official video…

Yet ANOTHER Sabbath cover, this one live:

They are officially fans I gather.

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