Thursday, May 08, 2008

Always on My Mind/In My House

Song: Always on My Mind/In My House
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Introspective

I’m a huge fan of the Pet Shop Boys, and my parents were always huge Willie Nelson fans, so there is no better meeting of these two worlds than the second to last track off the Boys 1988 album “Introspective,” their half cover of the classic “Always on My Mind.” They pair the song with an original, “In My House” and together they create an epic, emotional anthem.

“Introspective” is an important record in the history of dance records (for a pop act) because the songs on the album are in what is typically thought of as 12” remixes. Usually the radio version (or something close) gets inclusion on the album, and then extended remixes are made for club play. On “Introspective” (which only has six tracks,) the songs range from over six to nine minutes long. Radio edits were done as singles, and those versions appear on their greatest hits “Discography.”

This remains my favorite of the Pet Shop Boys records, and apparently their most successful in international sales. “Domino Dancing” is one of their biggest and most recognizable hits and really is SO good in its full version. It’s odd that they’ve never released another album like it.


Always on My Mind

Domino Dancing

The controversial video… do you think it seems gay?

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