Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Silence Between Us

Song: The Silence Between Us
Artist: Bob Mould
Album: District Line

While I was a bit too young to catch the Hüsker Dü movement at it’s time, I came to know the Alt. rock legend Bob Mould through his 1990’s band Sugar. Sugar released two killer LP’s, “Copper Blue” and “File Under Easy Listening,” (which you could do anything BUT) and a bracing EP, “Beaster,” as well as a compilation before disbanding. Their sound typified the alternative rock boom of the time and while their sound was catchy and melodic, they never caught on to the “mainstream alternative,” unwilling to dumb-down or further pop-ify their sound the way MUCH less talented acts like Sponge and Bush did, whom were more willing to play the MTV game.

I hadn’t followed Bob’s solo material since the break up of Sugar, though had heard rumblings of his change toward a more electronic and beat-heavy sound. He recently released his 7th (!!!) solo album “District Line” this year, which I’ve recently had a chance to listen to. Only one song utilizes his newfound interest in electronics (“Shelter Me,” a beautiful, lush track) but otherwise, “District Line” sounds like a great Sugar record to me, typified by the great first single “The Silence Between Us.” It’s melodic yet rockin’ and sounds almost like the 90’s “Alternative Nation” never died. A blast from the past, but totally new.

Since moving to and settling in Washington D.C., Mould has started a semi-monthly alternative dance party called “Blowoff” with D.C. based DJ and Producer Richard Morel It’s mostly in D.C., but comes to New York every once in a while, and will be here on April 5th. Mould’s sexuality had been a bit of an open secret in his Hüsker Dü and Sugar days but he officially “came out” in the 90’s and the Blowoff party caters to the Bear community that likes dance music without diva vocals! I haven’t been to one yet, but am shooting to make the April 5th date.


The “District Line” EPK

Sugar’s “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”

Here’s a crappy video of Bob playing the Hüsker Dü classic “Chartered Trips” acoustic in 1991

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