Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lights & Music

Song: Lights & Music
Artist: Cut Copy
Album: Lights & Music (single)

Cut Copy are an Australian indie-dance outfit that hit the scene first in 2001 and released their debut, “Bright Like Neon Love” in 2004. I was a fan of their debut, especially the tracks “That Was Just a Dream” and “Future.” It’s taken four years but they have completed a follow-up, “In Ghost Colours,” which will be released later this month. The album is being produced by Tim Goldsworthy, half of the DFA and part of LCD Soundsystem, whom has also recently produced for The Rapture.

“Lights & Music” has been a slow build for me. I got the song early last month and was semi unimpressed. I kept it within rotation and recently, all of a sudden, I realized that I quite liked it. Funny how that happens sometimes. It’s a bit more upbeat and driving than the relaxed lounge-y vibe of “Bright Like Neon Love,” and it has me very interested to hear more from the new album.


Lights & Music

That Was Just a Dream

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