Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Song: Blind
Artist: Hercules And Love Affair
Album: Hercules And Love Affair

So in addition to his production for the new Cut Copy, Tim Goldsworthy worked on the debut album by New York based Hercules And Love Affair. I can only describe their sound as “indie-disco,” a mix of vintage strings, chugging beats, and off-kilter vocals. I really dig it.

It seems that, starting with the garage-rock revival that gave us the White Stripes, Strokes, and the Hives, and ultimately Franz Ferdinand… indie-rock bands are turning to throbbing beats to add to their guitar and bass. LCD Soundsystem mixes aspects of punk to their eltro/big beat electronica, and new acts like Scissor Sisters, The Rapture, The Wire, and… Cut Copy, form a new group of acts that make dance music for hipsters.

Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) contributes vocals on five of the tracks on the album, most notably “Blind,” first single and my new favorite song. At over six minutes, it’s an epic disco-rock odyssey, complete with chugging bass line and bouncing horns. It’s a hoot… and “if it don’t make your booty move… your booty must be dead.”

The rest of the album is a pleasant mix of upbeat Studio 54-style… er, maybe more Paradise Garage style disco tracks with a rock edge and underground attitude. They are getting attention though, as they recently did an official remix for Goldfrapp's "A&E."

Perfect for your next “Cruising”-style basement/dungeon dance party. Or Williamsburg house party… I suppose.



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