Monday, March 24, 2008

I Just Wanna Dance

Song: I Just Wanna Dance (BuZZ-Boi’s Wayne G Heaven Edit)
Artist: Alison Jiear
Album: I Just Wanna Dance (The Remixes)

Back in January I took my first gay cruise through the Caribbean. It was equal parts amazing, relaxing, outrageous, and well… a bit dirty. One thing that was on the minds of the boys on this week long jaunt was music, and specifically how much many were growing tired of the bloody thumpa-thumpa house music that was played at EVERY major party. Personally I have never gotten fully into the heavy club music that is a HUGE part of the youth culture in Europe, which is relegated to gay culture here in the States. (Club music here is usually R&B/Hip Hop influenced.) But after this week of (practically) being force-fed monotonous beats I started to kind of get it, even though at the same time… I was getting a little tired of it.

Since that week I have been researching and obtaining a bunch of trance, jungle, house… you name it and have actually enjoyed quite a bit. As dance music, I like the beat… the propulsive consistent beat… but I also like vocals, and therefore prefer a remix of a song I know, or really just a song that has words. I can’t tell you how many times I was at one of these parties and though “has this song gone on for like thirty minutes?” Without vocals you can’t tell. These DJ’s may play a remix of a well-known song every 20-30 minutes, but that’s it! Despite the fact that when a recognizable song does come on, the crowd goes crazy. I don’t get it, but I’m learning.

So this week I have decided to do a club music week of stuff I have been listening to. I am certainly no expert in this genre… so a lot of it will probably not be cutting edge, but on the other hand… you might like it better! Haha.

So to start the week (and what could be a 30+ minute continuous mix for your next house party) I wanted to introduce you all too one of the most hysterical (and gayest) songs I’ve ever heard. This song was HUGE on the ship and played, in various forms, for just about every party… and the boys ate it up. “I Just Wanna Dance” is actually a soaring ballad written for the British musical “The Jerry Springer Opera.” Yes… there is a musical based on the Jerry Springer Show. In the show, Alison Jiear plays a hard on her luck woman who turns to stripping to make ends meet. In the song she throws her hands up and says to hell with what people think… “I just wanna fucking dance.” (The musical has been very controversial, especially with religious groups, for its profanity.)

As you can imagine, you throw a kicking beat to a song called “I Just Wanna Dance” with some bigger than life diva vocals and the boys… well they swoon. I find it hysterical, and think it could be “the chicken dance” for any gay wedding. (When that you know, like happens.) Don’t ya think?


THIS is mandatory viewing… someone has edited together clips from movies, as well as a filming of the stage performance together into this found-footage music video. It’s actually pretty great…

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