Thursday, January 10, 2008


Best of 2007

Song: Loaded
Artist: Seal
Album: System

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Seal’s, I have thought he’s produced some amazing pop tracks in his career. But he really outdid himself with last year’s “System.” Wanting to return to his dance roots (including what I think are his two best songs, “Crazy” & “Killer”) he teamed up with Stuart Price (Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor”) to create a full album of pumping, shimmering, future-disco. Seal’s voice is as strong and distinct as ever, yet this time the songs meet up with the voice. Aside from a few ballads toward the end (which admittedly are part of Mr. Kiss From a Rose’s bread and butter) the album is song for song solid.

First single “Amazing” is just that, but it is not the only upbeat winner on the disc. “The Right Life” and the title track have Price’s trademark thumping, coupled with some interesting lyrics and again… Seal’s killer voice. “Loaded” is another upbeat stunner that’s been a favorite since I got the album. And I must say his debut with wife and supermodel Heidi Klum “Wedding Day” is honestly not as cringe inducing as it could have been. But I think it has something to do with their tarnish-free public persona. Good for them for surviving this ridiculous system we call “the media!”

Last night I watched something odd indeed… “The Music of Seal on Ice.” It was a benefit for Autism, with Seal sometimes singing live to backing tracks while top figure skaters (Yamaguchi, Boitano) did interpretative… well skating. I’ve never understood figure skating… actually that’s not right, I find it ridiculous, but yet I watched this entire show (the HD no doubt helped) and enjoyed it. Seal knows he’s got a good record, and is just trying to get it out there. Good man.



Loaded at Butter

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