Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Girls

Best of 2007

Song: The Girls
Artist: Calvin Harris
Album: I Created Disco

I have a weakness for dumb dance songs… and this was no more evident than with Calvin Harris’ debut album “I Created Disco.” One of my most-listened-to records of the year. It’s dumb for sure… the album is filled with one ridiculous line after another:

“I’ve got hugs for you, if you were born in the 80’s”
“Now I don’t care what you dress like, or what you wear, but please make sure baby; you’ve got some colours in there.”
“I’ve got my car, and my ride, and my wheels.”
“I like them tall girls
I like them short girls
I like them brown haired girls
I like them blonde haired girls
I like them big girls
I like them skinny girls
I like them carrying a little bit of weight girls”

I mean… it’s also embarrassing. But if you look past the silly lyrics you find some pretty catchy, almost dumb catchy electro-pop tunes, that I have enjoyed over and over. I think there is room still for forward thinking dance music that does something new, and despite his “I created disco” claim, there is nothing very “cutting-edge” in his approach. But maybe this young twenty-something just wanted to make music to get girls to dance to… which seems more the case.


The Girls

Merrymaking At My Place

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