Monday, October 15, 2007

2 Hearts

Song: 2 Hearts
Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: 2 Hearts Single

Back in March, and then again in May, a slew of new Kylie songs had been leaked to the internet that were apparently for her upcoming album which wasn’t due until November. Fans quickly put all the tracks together as a full album, created artwork, and sent the album around virally. There were some really fun tracks, some GREAT tracks, and a few that were just so-so. I knew that Kylie, according to media reports, was aiming for a killer “comeback” album that would contain multiple sure-fire hits, so I was pretty sure this was not it, at least completely. And besides, a leak that many months in advance would be surprising as albums are not usually together and completed that far in advance.

Just as a few more songs got leaked, the official track list was released (found here) and it turns out that only three of the leaked tracks were actually on the album. Some were not surprising (the soon-to-be-smash hit “In My Arms” was on almost non-stop repeat on my iPod) and some were; (the exclusion of “Fall for You,” a killer upbeat dance track that seemed like a sure thing.) I thought that, once seeing the full list, that “In My Arms” was sure to be the first single but instead the as yet heard “2 Hearts” was slated as first. It had been said that Kylie was still looking for a can’t fail smash for the lead single, one that could top “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” Once “2 Hearts” was named that song, the anticipation to hearing it was riding high on the internet.

Just last week the song, and video, debuted and it was on one hand not anything like what I expected, and also just what I should have expected. Since I was expecting an ├╝ber-catchy slice of electro-pop, the more piano tinged semi-rock vibe of “2 Hearts” threw me off. It sounded good, but not great… I must admit I thought “is this it?” (After all, I remember hearing “Slow” for the first time and just instantly knew Kylie had done something hit worthy, but also groundbreaking.) I listened to it again and the sexiness of the song (Kylie’s patent) became more evident, and the jazz-hip base line (that brings to mind the Stray Cats) began to grab me. By fifth listen I was ready to claim the song as genius and realized that Kylie had in fact done it again, found the perfect lead single that is not only catchy but unlike anything she’s done before. Bravo!

The name of the new album has been entitled “X” as it is her tenth studio album and it is shaping up to be one of the more anticipated releases of the year. From what I have heard I think Kylie has worked with some great people on this record and no doubt has a huge hit on her hands, at least in Europe. We will see what America decides to latch onto, and if “2 Hearts” can be like “Can’t Get You” was in 2001. Just as Britney is doing with her new album, due a bit early now because of internet leaks, Kylie has recorded a slew of songs to see which work best and discard the rest. Kylie’s throw-aways are pretty good, with some being musts to have for super-fans, so my anticipation of the new record is pretty high. Since Goldfrapp came in with one of the best electro-pop records of memory with “Supernature,” Minogue is set up to re-prove that she is the queen of European Dance-pop.



2 Hearts

As always Kylie looks stunning, this is so hot!

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