Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Song: Timebomb
Artist: Beck
Album: Timebomb - Single

Beck has recently released the single “Timebomb” on iTunes. He describes it as “a song for bonfires, blackouts, and the last hurrah of summer." It’s got a killer backbeat, and works for just as Beck describes. It sounds much like his work from his last album “The Information” continuing the theme of the negative aspects of technology and the current state of the world. In a way, “Timebomb” would work best for a party for the end of the world. It has just that feel. Beck has always been a fan of the irony, and making an upbeat dance track that is ultimately a warning for all of us on the brink of disaster. Bring on the fun Mr. Hanson!

I’m just a huge Beck fan, and find that he can do no wrong in my book. I dig this song, and look forward to a new album, though I really did feel that “The Information” was a bit overlooked and should have gotten more exposure. Though I also felt that “Guero” was his best record yet (and still do) and should have gotten the attention “Odelay” got when it was released. But I suppose that once you have that type of universal hype you can’t really get it again. “Consistency” isn’t good for the media as they tend to like the crash and burn, and then the resurrection.

Jeez, I’m sounding as cynical as this single! ;)


A few videos from "The Information:

Cellphones Dead


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