Thursday, September 06, 2007


Song: Foundations
Artist: Kate Nash
Album: Made of Bricks

Kate Nash has been described as “the next Lily Allen” due to her U.K. based perspective, straight forward yet witty lyrics, and for her coming into prominence via MySpace. Even Lily herself has called Kate “the next big thing.” Her music is a bit more piano based, (she’s a big fan of Regina Spektor) but also has the electronic beats and percussion of Allen’s work, without the ska and reggae influences.

Kate has an interesting story. She grew up in a burrow of London and focused her schooling on being an actress. She was rejected from Bristol Old Vic Theater School and soon after fell down a flight of stairs and broke her foot. While she was laid up with the leg she began to write songs and soon got a gig together for herself at a local bar. After a few successful shows that had her doing some cheeky covers she uploaded her music to MySpace and quickly got a record deal. Easy! Her debut, “Made of Bricks” came out in Europe last month.

After just a few listens to the album I have not found her mind-blowing, or (to keep up the comparison) as immediately likeable as Lily Allen, but some of it is very good. In fact, upon hearing “Foundations,” the albums first single, it is rumored that Prince himself decided he just had to meet Nash. That is impressive, but what it makes me think about more is how much I’d like to be Prince for a day. Can you imagine? I would guess you could just walk into places, say; “I am Prince,” and watch things happen for you. Awesome.



Mouthwash (live)


SheilaE said...

Actually, if you were Prince, you'd have people walk in BEFORE you & alert the plebians that you were coming. Then you could walk in with a Princely smirk and not have to say a damn thing.

Lizzy said...

I dig dig dig this song!

Ditto re: prince.

Josh said...

I too have been enjoying this tune.

Love the lyrics.