Monday, August 27, 2007

Morning Train (Nine to Five)

Song: Morning Train (Nine to Five)
Artist: Sheena Easton
Album: Sheena Easton (AKA - "Take My Time")

I was recently debating the merits of Sheena Easton with some friends and while the “debate” certainly didn’t last long… it did make me think about Miss Easton and the various hits she’s had.

To start, a guilty pleasures mix CD is not officially complete without “Morning Train (Nine to Five.)” You can’t get much more goofy than this way-80’s boppy track that marries blue collar work ethics with Reagan-era 50’s idealism. It’s goofy for sure, but honestly… it’s totally enjoyable. This A.M. I put it on as I walked to work, and while I didn’t take a “morning train” I had to laugh to myself as I snaked my way through the insane Penn Station foot traffic on the street and found the song had put a little bounce in my step. I felt like I was firmly immersed in some 80’s movie music montage. Should I be embarrassed for all of this? I don’t know… but it sure has made my Monday morning a little easier to ease into. More so than say… Joy Division would have.

After reading Sheena’s Wikipedia entry I found out these interesting facts:

-She was “discovered” on a reality show that involved her trying to get a record deal with EMI in the early 80’s.

-“Morning Train(Nine to Five) was originally titles “9 to 5” but was changed so it wouldn’t get confused with the Dolly Parton song

-Sheena is the only performer to actually be seen in the title sequence of a James Bond film, performing her “Your Eyes Only.” (Another killer guilty pleasure… so sexy!)

-The Prince penned “Sugar Walls” was named in Tipper Gore and the Parent’s Music Resource Council’s “filthy fifteen,” a list of songs deemed indecent for their lyrics. (I knew “Come spend the night inside my sugar walls” meant something!)

Sheena’s one unquestionably great moment (in my er… humble opinion) is “Strut,” from her 80’s sexy dance pop phase. Not as sleazy as “Sugar Walls,” but sexy indeed… if “Morning Train” is on your guilty pleasures mix, “Strut” needs to be on the “Awesome 80’s” list. Super fun.


Morning Train (Nine to Five)


Sheena does "Sugar Walls..." on Solid Gold!!!!

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