Friday, August 24, 2007

Breakin' Up

Song: Breakin' Up
Artist; Rilo Kiley
Album: Under the Blacklight

I don’t know why but I could never seem to get into Rilo Kiley. I heard several of their songs here and there and listened to their last record, “More Adventurous” several times but just didn’t dig it. It wasn’t until I REALLY got into lead singer Jenny Lewis’ solo album “Rabbit Fur Coat” that I felt the need to revisit them. But again, as much as I loved the cute alt-country of Lewis’ record, I still couldn’t get into Rilo Kiley.

This week saw the release of their fourth album, “Under the Blacklight” which marks their first on a major label (Warner Brothers) and the first since Jenny’s very successful (in indie-rock terms) solo record. I have been listening to it for the past few days and immediately loved it. The album has a range of styles including some country elements, as well as rock. The surprise is that some tracks are rather beat heavy and more New Wave oriented… right up my personal alley. It’s fun, smart, and totally enjoyable… how will their hipster indie fans take this?

One of the things that I really liked about Jenny’s solo record was her witty lyrics which remain here on “Under the Blacklight.” I wonder if this will be the record that rockets them to stardom. Not sure if I hear any “sure-fire” hits but I am just really enjoying thus far. My immediate favorite was “Breakin’ Up” which is as epic as indie-pop songs go. As an aside, in their review of the record, Rolling Stone says; “why is it no one else has written a breakup song that incorporates how we describe a failing cell-phone connection?” After reading that I though… wow, Gwen Stefani had actually already done that on her latest album with a song called… “Breakin’ Up.” Ha!

First single “The Moneymaker” is a “Float On” style groovy piece of alt rock. Maybe it’s their bid for the big time… we’ll see. The hooks are there, they’re smart, and darn isn’t former child actress Jenny Lewis adorable.


The Moneymaker

Featuring real porn stars!

Two Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Videos:

“Rise Up With Fists”

My favorite track of hers live, “You Are What You Love”

And I couldn’t resist…

P.S. She’s the red-head.

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