Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Everybody's Changing

Song: Everybody's Changing
Artist: Keane
Album: Hopes & Fears

I don’t know why but I just can’t get onboard 100% with Keane. As I’ve mentioned in the past, when I first heard their breakthrough single “Somewhere Only We Know” I was convinced it was another band covering Travis. While “Hopes and Fears” their debut was an enormous hit in the U.K. and around Europe I, like many people, saw them as just another Coldplay. And while I didn’t really love Coldplay’s latest, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” is a masterpiece and maybe the best we can expect from this type of piano based balladry.

In their attempt to go a little edgy, Keane released “Is It Any Wonder?” a U2-like rocker that I thought was quite good. The rest of their sophomore album “Under the Iron Sea” was bland with a capital BLA. I went back to thinking they were over rated bores from Snore City.

Now, thanks to the ever-working Lily Allen and my almost fanatic devotion to just about everything she does, I have discovered another Keane song I rather dig. As a b-side of her new single “Alfie” Lily takes the band’s “Everybody’s Changing” and turns it into a reggae-lite, laid back, bon-bon of a song. Since I didn’t know the song, I thought we had just another above average b-side from the ever-working Allen but after some research I found it was a Keane cover, that it was in fact a single for them, and I actually randomly had it in my iTunes. I’ve listened to it a couple times and think it is rather beautiful. A Keane surprise!

I should also note that there is a killer remix of Alfie by CSS on her single as well, bringing the track to a more sexy dancefloor ready territory. She is just releasing single after single and working with some of the best people in the biz. I still am crazy about her Dizzee Rascal duet “Wannabe” from his new record, and this month finds the release of another duet with Common on his latest called “Drivin’ Me Wild.”

I’ve read that also has an unreleased cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” that I’ve yet to hear but for now I am happy to have her make me discover another good Keane track and will try my best not to be so judgmental. The dude had to go to rehab after all which is pretty gangster. (I’m kidding, don’t do drugs.) This song isn’t new or even obscure at all but it just goes to show you that no matter how much you pay attention, things can slip through the cracks. And that logic can be applied to a lot of things in life, not just a music nut like myself.


The video for “Everybody’s Changing”

Lily singing the song:

And Lily’s funtabulous new video for “Alfie”

And well, speaking of… here is good ol’ Lily performing “Heart of Glass” with Blondie on the today show:

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