Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Infected Girls

Song: Infected Girls
Artist: Electric Six
Album: Switzerland

While I’ve written about them before, and this record before… I wanted to re-highlight the very fun third album from Detroit’s Electric Six, “Switzerland.” First single “I Buy The Drugs” was fun and bouncy, and by looks of the video, they were squarely aiming for the college crowd for this single. Lead singer Dick Valentine’s distinct vocals are there, and despite the subject matter (umm… drugs) it lacked the goofy darkness that I like best from the band. Fortunately, there were several other cuts, more in the same vein of what I really dug from their debut “Fire” and the pretty decent follow-up “Senor Smoke.”

My absolute favorite cut off the record would have to be “Infected Girls” which has my favorite lyric from the record in it’s chorus. “Calling all protected girls, infected girls do it better.” Not to mention that it starts with the memorable “I rode a sex wave, and washed upon your shore.” How do you write this stuff? Other choice cuts include “Night Vision” and “Pulling the Plug on the Party.”

Oddly, it seems the band has decided to follow up “Drugs” with “Rubber Rocket” another just-okay track. While I do really dig the album, I must admit that it’s my least favorite of the three, but fans of the first two will still really like it, with some songs a fan-must. While goofy in a lot of ways lyrically, which is the band’s calling card, what isn’t talked about much is how great some of these rocks songs are. “Infected Girls” has a great new wave rock vibe that could be a lost classic from the 80’s.

I just really love Electric Six, and think you should too!


The video for “I Buy the Drugs”

The video for “Rubber Rocket”

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