Monday, March 12, 2007

LOVE it or HATE it: F'ing Boyfriend

Song: F'ing Boyfriend
Artist: The Bird and the Bee
Album: The Bird and the Bee

I can’t decide if I love or hate this song. On one hand, it’s got a groovy vibe, and is ironically vulgar, with cooing sweet female vocals. On the other, the song seems a bit too loungy-hipster-cool. As if it was designed for some trendy lounge in Williamsburg filled with people that would no doubt annoy me to no end.

The Bird and the Bee are a Los Angeles based two piece consisting of Greg Kurstin and vocalist Inara George (who also has released a solo album.) Kurstin has played on songs by Beck and has also produced The Flaming Lips, Peaches, and Lily Allen. “F’ing Boyfriend” is from their self titled debut that came out earlier this year. Peaches remixes the song and is available here.

What do you think? I dig it a bit, but then I listen and it annoys me a little. Tell me if you LOVE it of HATE it in the comments section below.


Video for new single Again & Again:


Anonymous said...

first time is a charm.....time will be the ultimate judge.

Alan said...

Definitely not my favorite. Also, should be noted that Inara is the daughter of Lowell George, the genius behind Little Feat before his life ended way too quickly.

cubcake said...

I likedbut after a while it might get annoying