Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Song: Portia
Artist: Throwing Muses
Album: Throwing Muses

I first heard of the Throwing Muses through my love of Belly, Tanya Donnelly’s old band form the 90’s. Tanya was in Throwing Muses briefly, and lead Muse Kristen Hersh is her step-sister. They rose out of the Boston alt-rock scene in Boston in the early 80’s and melded post-punk guitar riffs with obtuse poetry-like lyrics and Kristen’s distinctive wail. They have broken up and reunited a few times and Kristen has had a pretty prolific solo career. In fact, I am unable to keep up with it.

My favorite two records are their two least liked critically, 1992’s “Red Heaven” (the first album I bought of theirs) and 1996’s “Limbo.” “The Real Ramona” is the fan favorite and one of their more pop records. I am also a big fan of “University” which was released in 1995 and was a comeback album after disbanding. Their latest, (and last) record was the self titled album from 2003 which saw them embrace grunge (a bit late no?) and remains their heaviest set to date. I didn’t love this record, but found certain songs I did, including “Portia.”

Hard to say where to start with the Muses as their music is all over the place. Kristin is no doubt a poet and I also highly recommend her debut solo album, the all acoustic “Hips & Makers.” Just saw that she has released yet ANOTHER solo record this year… she is absolutely too prolific for me.


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