Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Drowners

Song: The Drowners
Artist: Suede
Album: Suede

Suede formed in England in 1989 and really spearheaded the Britpop revolution of the 90’s. Through a stroke of luck and pure ambition, the band was making waves in the British music press before they had a record deal, and were being called “The Best New Band in Britain.” Their self-titled debut album was an instant hit and they were often called “The new Smiths.” (Incidentally, their name comes from the Morrissey song “Suedehead.”)

Marked by outrageous statements and poly-sexuality, Suede were the toast of Britain until in-fighting mixed up the bands line up and while sophomore album “Dog Man Star” sold as much as their debut, the British press labeled them “over.” Soon, poppier and less darkly sexual Britpop bands like Oasis and Blur took the scene from them.

They had a surprise resurgence in 1996 with the release of their third album (minus founding lead guitarist Bernard Butler) and scored five top ten singles in the UK. Unfortunately, the album wasn’t released in the U.S. until a year later due to some legal struggle between an obscure American lounge singer who also performed under the name Suede. They officially had to change their name to “London Suede” for all future releases.

I personally only have the amazing self titled debut, containing the top rate singles “The Downers,” “Metal Mickey,” and “Animal Nitrate” and the double disc b-sides collection “Sci-Fi Lullabies.” While it is a little hit or miss (what b-sides, and for that matter double disc album isn’t?) it really contained some killer songs, so I feel like I need to play a little catch up with their other full length albums. Their last album came out in 2002, no word as to what they are up to now.


The video for Metal Mickey:

The video for The Drowners:

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Daft Monk said...

Suede certainly deserved a bigger audience Stateside and your post and the videos are a good reminder of why. If memory serves Suede announced a hiatus following their tour for the last album after which Brett Anderson reunited with Bernard Butler to record an album as The Tears which was out a couple of years ago.