Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Into The Ocean

Song: Into The Ocean
Artist: Blue October
Album: Foiled

I have a very good friend who recommended this band to me recently. They are an indie rock act from Texas that take their cues from a lot of 80’s jangle rock. “Into the Ocean” is taken from their fourth album “Foiled” which came out this year. I can’t speak for the whole record as this is all I’ve heard but I like lead singer Justin Furstenfeld’s hushed vocals that know how to soar when needed.

The group’s first taste of success had been the inclusion of their song “Calling You” on the American Wedding Soundtrack which helped it become a minor hit within the suburbs of Dallas. A quick look at their sales figures showed that “Foiled,” surprisingly, has sold over 600,000 copies since its release in March of this year. Pretty impressive considering that the new Janet Jackson record hasn’t sold that much yet, and is just about to fall off the charts.

To be honest, until my friend told me about them I had not heard of them at all… yet their record is #107 this week on Billboards top 200. I don’t say that to be obnoxious, it’s just rare that there is a moderately successful band that I haven’t at least HEARD of. Then again, when Danity Kane topped the charts a month back I had to be explained who they were. Oh well, you can’t know it all! ;)

Thank you Jamie!


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