Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hunting For Witches

Song: Hunting For Witches
Artist: Bloc Party
Album: A Weekend in the City

Bloc Party’s “Silent Alarm” was one of my favorite records of last year. I didn’t love ALL of it, but there was much to enjoy and several of the songs remained in constant rotation on my iPod. They were yet another band influenced by 80’s goth AND pop, and I just really dug lead singer Kele Okereke’s voice. They blew up after “Silent Alarm” and released several singles both here as well as in Europe. (Where they are considered superstars.) The album was big enough in fact to warrant an entire remix album, entitled (not so cleverly) “Silent Alarm Remixed.” Which I must say, as those things go, was pretty darn cool.

It’s safe to say that their follow up is hotly anticipated by the music world and it has in fact already been leaked and distributed via the web. I expect that because of this the late February release date will be bumped up closer. I’ve taken a listen and it seems just okay to me… a bit more of the same with a few new flourishes, though not a departure of their signature sound at all. “Hunting for Witches” is the song that really jumped out at me and I keep listening to. It’s a great dance-rock track that moves along nicely yet contains a dark underbelly to it. It’s not the first single, “The Prayer” is… which is also good, this one is just grabbing me a bit more.


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