Monday, January 05, 2015

Best of 2014 - The Voyager - Jenny Lewis

Best of 2014

Song: She's Not Me
Artist: Jenny Lewis
Album: The Voyager

After loving her solo debut and the last Rilo Kiley record Under the Blacklight, I had a bit of a drought with loving Jenny Lewis.  Her sophomore solo record Acid Tongue didn't grab me and neither did 2010's I'm Having Fun Now with boyfriend Johnathan Rice under the name Jenny & Johnny.  So it was quite the nice surprise, after several years off from recording, that Lewis returned with The Voyager, a return to the Fleetwood Mac, Southern California guitar-pop that seems meant for her.

The Voyager is a great record, a return to form, and possibly her best work yet.  Lewis works mature, pushing-forty themes with an upbeat sound that's enjoyable yet thought-provoking.  One of my absolute favorite records of the year.

The Voyager wrestled with Beck's Morning Phase as tenth favorite album on my list, which you can find on my Best Albums 2014 list, which will be complete at the end of next week:


She's Not Me
Head Underwater
Just One of the Guys

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