Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let Me In - Kleerup

Song: Let Me In
Artist: Kleerup
Album: As If We Never Won

Where has this guy been?  I was a fan of his self-titled debut album, from 2008, but the last time we heard from him was the Loreen collaboration "Requiem Solution" from very early last year.

Well, wait no more as Kleerup has released a new single "Let Me In" with singer Susanne Sundfǿr that will be part of the first of two EP's entitled As If We Never Won, which are precursors to a new album.  Dig.

"Let Me In" has a killer bassline reminiscent of the filth/strut-mode of Queen and the Skatt Brothers mixed with shimmering 80s-style synths.  I'm reminded of Laura Branigan as well... which is never a bad thing.

Let Me In

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