Friday, May 02, 2014

Klapp Klapp - Little Dragon

Song: Klapp Klapp
Artist: Little Dragon
Album: Nabuma Rubberband

Little Dragon, the Swedish synthpop/indietronica/trip-hop band are gearing up to release their fourth album Nabuma Rubberland this year.  This follows their 2011 release Ritual Union.

They're a band I've been recommended to several times and have not properly given them time.  But they've released two killer tracks from the new album that have really gotten my attention, the buzz release "Paris" and first single "Klapp Klapp," which I've become mesmerized with.  I'm hearing some Prince influence, some general 80s with a modern twist, and a sort of ambient/downtempo R&B.  Lead singer Yukimi Nagano's voice is super, super sexy.  The synths in "Klapp Klapp" are BIG.  It's all just really sublime.

I really have some work to do in getting into this band's back catalogue.  I think I've been missing out.  No longer!


Klapp Klapp
Let Go

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