Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Your Shoes - Sarah McLachlan

Song: In Your Shoes
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album: Shine On

I listened to a bit of Tori after yesterday's post, as well as some Spotify Radio under a Tori Amos channel and it was like a Lilith Fair, 90-Alt Rock girl reunion... Poe, Paula Cole, Jewel, and... Sarah McLachlan, the Mother of Lilith Fair, who incidentally is releasing her eighth album next month...

Shine On will be the singer-songwriter's first release in four years after 2010's Laws of Illusion.  After being a pretty big fan for her first four albums, I.. like man, fell out of interest.  Call it consistency, her just more-of-the-same approach, or the frankly downbeat nature of her recent work... I just haven't been here for Ms. McLachlan.

First single "In Your Shoes" teams her, once again, with longtime collaborator Pierre Marchand, for a rather upbeat folk-pop song.  It's nice if not remarkable.  The album is apparently about the death of her Father, which sounds... about right for McLachlan.

I was reminded hearing all those girls just how much I was into that folky, "alternative" chick sound back then.  And how much I'm not now.


In Your Shoes

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