Monday, March 03, 2014

Magic - Coldplay

Song: Magic
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Ghost Stories

Coldplay return in 2014 after an extensive and very lucrative worldwide tour supporting their most popular album to date, 2011's Mylo Xyloto.  That record was intended to be a return to their stripped back, acoustic sound, but ended up being their most pop and colorful to date.  Going into recording their sixth album, they once again plan to return the more acoustic sound.

The band have recently released two tracks from the upcoming sixth album, entitled Ghost Stories and while they are less bombastic than previous singles, they are far  from acoustic.  "Midnight," released last week, is a quietly hypnotic electronic-based track with lots of robotic-sounding vocoder-effected vocals.  It's the centerpiece of the nine-track album and builds into an ethereal, trancy state.  It didn't do much for me initially, but that build up towards the end recently grabbed me... it's pretty transcendental.
Today the official first single "Magic" debuts, a dubby track with a minimalist beat that retains singer Chris Martin's vocals effect-less.  It's a pretty track, and certainly an antidote to the "big" sound they've been recently known for.  "Magic" also builds like "Midnight," culminating in a rather joyous acoustic-guitar assisted climax.

Not exactly what we've come to expect out of Coldplay, but I'm intrigued.



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