Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Holding on for Life - Broken Bells

Song: Holding on for Life
Artist: Broken Bells
Album: After the Disco

Broken Bells (Producer/Musician Danger Mouse and The Shins leader James Mercer) return with their second set After the Disco, following the duo's self-titled debut from 2010.

As the title hints, After the Disco incorporates a bit more electronic elements to the band's hippy-dipped indie-rock psychedelia.  The results are rather subtle, I've been listening to it for about a week and it's melodies and charms are just unfolding for me.  It's a beautiful record that like their debut, has a country-tinge to it... but the influences and sounds are wide ranged, yet result in a lush, confident work that on paper sounds a bit messy, but in practice is ultimately sublime.

First single "Holding on for Life" is an immediate standout, as is the throbbing title-track which sounds a bit 80s to me. The album is really starting to gel with me and could be an early 2014 standout.


Holding on for Life
After the Disco
The Changing Lights

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