Friday, December 13, 2013

F*ck Santa Claus

Song: F*ck Santa Claus
Artist: Wendy Ho
Album: Ho for the Holidays

This is disgusting.

If you know about Wendy Ho you should know what you're getting into here.  Ho for the Holidays is a Christmas Mixtape that you'll be able to play in very few places.  Lewd, disgusting, and yet pretty fucking funny in moments.  Wendy Ho subverts a handful of holiday classics with her brand of "ghetto fabulousness."  Buckle up.

Epic track titles "Proud Virgin Mary," "Whose Child is Dis?," and "O Come on My Face, Y'all," are well... yeah.

My favorite is the Erykah Badu"Tyrone"-biting "F*ck Santa Claus," which turns a kiss-off slow-jam into a seduction/kiss-off of the annual chimney-sliding Saint.  Bonkers.

The album is being offered as pay-what-you-like download on her site.  You can get it here.


No new videos on YouTube, this is from 2011.

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