Monday, November 25, 2013

Perfect Time

Song: Perfect Time
Artist: Booka Shade
Album: Eve

Booka Shade are a German house duo comprised of Walter Merzinger & Arno Kammermeier.  They are set to release their 5th studio album Eve on November 1st.

Eve is a pretty sublime, moody house record, it can be dark at times, and yet I've enjoyed it in the early AM just as much as late late at night.  It straddles a couple different moods over it's just-under-an-hour length, which gives the listener the feeling they're on a journey.

Single "Love Inc." is a good starting point but I'm also loving the sexy, propulsive "Perfect Time" as well as album opener "Many Rivers."

I'm only familiar with the band's previous offering, 2010's More! which I remember not really connecting with at the time... though I took another listen yesterday since I enjoyed this so much and appreciated it much more.  I suppose I just wasn't ready for it.


Perfect Time
Love Inc.

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