Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I LIke You

Song: I Like You
Artist: Katy B
Album: 5 AM EP

UK born, raised, and based, Katy B hit the scene with her Dubstep-before-Dubstep-was-a-thing debut On a Mission back in 2010-11 and made a splash there and in Europe jumping off her first single "Katy on a Mission."  I never connected with her material, and didn't really care for the debut... but Dubstep really gives me a headache.

But I have been loving new track "I Like You," which leaves the Dubstep in favor of more ear-pleasing (okay to me) House.  It sounds a bit retro, but there's that 90s House coming back I've mentioned before.

"I Like You" is from the 5AM - EP, another single she's released after the first, "What Love is Made Of."  I ignored that one a bit as well, but re-listening now it's piano House-pop at it's finest.  Very female-centric Disclosure... very British!

The sophomore album, entitled Little Red is due sometime next year.


I Like You
What Love is Made Of
5 AM

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