Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Wire

Song: The Wire
Artist: HAIM
Album: Days Are Gone

I first highlighted Californian female trio HAIM back in May, when I flipped for the Duke Dumont remix of their single "Forever."  I'm still hooked on that track, but have been spending a LOT of time with their debut album, which was released earlier this week.  Days Are Done is a notable debut, a spectacular blend of 70s-esque California melodies, guitar riffs, and slight electronic flourishes infused with a hipster-ish sass by the three ladies in the band, who are assured, strong, musicians. (and sisters)

There's also a 90s R&B streak within these songs, as if Stevie Nicks joined The Eagles and did a record with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Babyface.  It's really something.

I'm flipping for current single "The Wire" which has an oddly goofy music video (see below) and best highlights the girls uncanny harmonizing.  In that way, HAIM also recalls The Roches... or at least a version that's been through the last twenty-five years of pop music.

I think this is just the very start for HAIM.


The Wire


If I Could Change Your Mind

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Lizzy said...

I'm loving this song!