Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Palace Garden, 4 AM

Song: The Palace Garden, 4 AM
Artist: Beat Connection
Album: The Palace Garden

I'm just discovering this Washington State-born duo who named themselves after an LCD Soundsystem song and write catchy electronic-fueled indie rock.  Their debut album The Palace Garden came out in June of last year, and is a solid effort for fans of Cut Copy, STRFKR, Hot Chip, and Foster the People.

The Palace Garden is sweeping with breezy melodies and slight experimental touches, it shows a lot of promise for the band, who also have an EP called Surf Noir that I haven't listened to yet.

Title track and second in the tracklist after a short intro is a good intro for what to expect.  I discovered this via Spotify when a friend and reader Renato was listening to it.  Now you should to...


The Palace Garden, 4 AM
Further Out

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