Thursday, September 05, 2013

Come Walk With Me

Song: Come Walk With Me
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Matangi


It's been now more than a year and a half since M.I.A. released "Bad Girls," purported to be the first single off of her fourth album.  The album got a title, Matangi, and another just-okay single, "Bring the Noize" came out in June... but where is this album?

Well apparently there has been some issues with her label Interscope that partly involve a documentary being made about her, and changes they've asked for the album.  Just recently M.I.A. publicly threatened to leak the album if Interscope continued to drag their feet, which lead to the announcement of a November 5th... so it's coming?

Regardless, a new track has come out as possible third single and it's a stunner.

"Come Walk With Me" has a distinctive M.I.A.-take on the 60s Girl Group sound, mixed with off-kilter beats and world music influences (duh).  It starts off slow and builds towards it's insane kitchen-sink finale.  It's got spacey, clean-guitar picking, marching band big beats... and then it gets weird.  Is it too strange to be a hit?  Dunno... but it's growing on me by leaps and bounds.

Best thing since Kala?


Come Walk With Me
Bring the Noize
Bad Girls

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