Monday, June 03, 2013


Song: Vocal
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Electric

Spanking new single from the legendary Pet Shop Boys' upcoming twelfth album Electric.  If you're scratching your head a second and thinking... wait, didn't they just come out with an album last year?  Yes they did... and now they have another one.

The duo announced the record a while back with instrumental album-opener "Axis," which I thought was interesting but certainly not single material.  But "Vocal" is pure PSB bliss, an ode to nightlife and raver culture, with a hint of their snark.  (They are obviously NOT into instrumental, thumpa-thumpa club music... they want 'vocals!')

Very excited for this new record, which is being produced by one of the masters of the remix, dance-producer Stuart Price, whom has had a good run with producing full albums for artists such as Madonna (Confessions on a Dancefloor,) Seal (System,) Scissor Sisters (Night Work,) and Kylie (Aphrodite.)

The album contains a Bruce Springsteen cover, "The Last to Die."

The Boys never disappoint, having yet to release a bad record.  Can't wait.


Florescent (teaser)

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