Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

Song: Ashtrays and Heartbreaks
Artist: Snoop Lion
Album: Reincarnated

Can't say I'm a big fan of Snoop Lion (a.k.a. Snoop Dogg) though I've always liked Snoop the man... effortlessly cool, a startling wit, and an overall positive vibe for a hip hop/rap star.  His agression was always wrapped in something smart, and not all that serious in it's intention.  I like him, despite his music being hit or miss.

I don't have any real opinions or much to say on his change from Dogg to Lion... but it does signify one thing, immediately behind the new moniker he's produced my favorite record of his to date. (no I haven't listened to them all.)  I may not be an expert on his music, but I know music... and it's not his break from hip-hop to reggae that's done it, it's just that Reincarnated is an amazing record, oddly the most pop thing he's done, relentlessly positive... what's not to like?  Album title aside, this does seem to be a rebirth.

Lead single "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" featuring Miley Cyrus (?!?!) is a big winner, a laid back summer jam that's really gotten under my skin.  Singer Angela Hunte is featured on several tracks including the more traditional reggae "Here Comes the King" and "So Long," as well as the surprise clubby-dancefloor filler "Get Away."

Other collaborators include Drake, Akon, Rita Ora, Busta Rhymes, & Chris Brown among others.  But this is the Snoop show, and a testament to his effortless charm as he is upstaged by nobody.

Check this album out, it's really great.


Ashtrays and Heartbreaks
No Guns Allowed
Get Away

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