Friday, March 01, 2013


Song: Work
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Album: The New Classic

This song is so bloody ridiculous... an immediate write-off.

But now I sorta can't stop playing it.  Head over heels!?!?

This is the first official official single taken from Iggy's coming-this-summer debut album "The New Classic," which has found a home on Mercury Records.

I'd heard of Ms. Azalea (via the minor Iggy vs. Azealia Banks stan war) but hadn't actually listened to anything she's put out.  Los Angeles relocated via Miami by-way-of New South Wales-then Sydney Australia, Iggy came to America by telling her parents, at 16 that she was "going on holiday" to Miami...  then didn't come back.  She's released a couple mixtapes, singles, videos, etc. after getting attention with some YouTube freestyle videos.

I haven't listened to any of it... blinded by my Team A.Banks bullshit which may be the reason I initially thought-it just an older, slutty big sis version of "Swagger Jagger."  (which it really sounds nothing like, but straddles that line of silly-enjoyable, and impossibly, annoyingly juvenile ) And now I have it on repeat.  Hmm.

You very well may hate this.




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