Friday, February 15, 2013

Mr. Disco

From the 100 Influential Album List

Song: Mr. Disco
Artist: New Order
Album: Technique

I don't know New Order like I should.  Sure I've got "Substance," which is great... there's some of the best singles from the 80's there.  I had "Republic" back in the day, and also really liked their last proper album, "Waiting for the Siren's Call," though haven't taken a listen to their latest latest... the "Siren's Call" leftovers, "Lost Siren's," which was just released last month.  I did get "Power, Corruption, and Lies," ages ago, which is a classic... my first dive into their back catalogue that wasn't on "Substance," and I think there in lies the issue... aside from "Age of Consent," I didn't get much out of it, so didn't explore further.

So blah, blah, blah I take a look at the 100 Influential Albums list and see "Technique," their 1989 release and figure, like XTC... it's time to get to know more of these guys.  And thank goodness...

"Technique" is amazing and truly a how-the-fuck-have-I-been-living-without-this music moment for me dear reader.  It's pure New Order, and filled with one great song after another that just doesn't happen to be "Blue Monday" or "Bizarre Love Triangle."  And I call myself a music fan.  Jeez.

Of course the three main singles from "Technique," "Fine Time," "Run," and "Round & Round" made another compilation, the post-"Technique" "(best of) New Order."  Which might be a better representation of their catalogue.  Of course, a Greatest Hits comp is never the full story, so check out the great album track "Mr. Disco," which is as good as it's title below.

If you're on Spotify, you can listen to the album here: Technique.

Well this week was just five albums from this expansive 100 Influential Albums list which is, of course, pretty flawed.  You could argue all that isn't on there, a couple that are... but honestly, there are some great great records on this list and this week proves there is always new music to discover for yourself, both new and old.

I've gone and made a playlist of the list... or at least what was on Spotify from it, which you can take a listen to below.  It's 3 days worth of classic tunes, and yet is just almost complete.


Mr. Disco
Fine Time
All the Way

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