Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where is My Man

Song: Where is My Man
Artist: Eartha Kitt
Album: I Love Men

How on earth have a been able to live a full life without ever hearing this song before?

iTunes radio played this gem randomly and it was certainly a what. is. this. WeCast moment.  Wow.

Released in 1983, the song was co-written by comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, Fred Zaar, and producer Jacques Morali, and was an immediate hit in France, where Kitt had been living in self exile after speaking out publicly against the Vietnam War at an event in the White House in 1968.  It became the first recording released in the U.S. for her after the incident, and became a hit on the Dance Club charts.

Surely a lesson is to be learned here... in the face of political differences, strife,  and war, let Catwoman break down these walls with some man-sniffing disco.  Obama... call Halle Berry.

Actually don't do that.

Just listen to Eartha.


Where is My Man
I Love Men

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