Friday, January 18, 2013

2013: The WeCast-Refresh

Wow... 2013.

Now that this blog/project is headed toward it's 7th year in existence, I thought it was high time that things got shaken up a bit.  I spent most of December reflecting, and decided that in 2013... change was due.

I would like to first introduce you to the brand new WeCastMusic Tumblr page.  It's a new way to blog (for me) that I've been playing around with and really like.  I'll still be keeping the Blogger site, and every post there will be linked onto the Tumblr.  The Tumblr will have a bit extra, a bit more fun, etc.  Check it out.

Thanks to dear friend and reader Melanie, I've gotten much more into Spotify, which you may have noticed in my Best Albums of 2012 posts over the past week. It's quite amazing, truly a revolution in sharing music.  I'll continue with the e-mail list as it has been, but you'll start to see more Spotify links to listen to stuff on the blog.

Starting with... the WeCastMusic-Best of 2012 huge ass playlist.  Hear everything that really caught my ear over the past year below.  I already know there are things I've missed, I'm constantly discovering things a bit late, but the beauty of Spotify is that I can add them, and if you subscribe, the playlist gets automatically updated.

I also plan, from the Tumblr site, to start a WeCastPlaylist series, sort of like radio stations that fit your mood... programmed by me.  You'll be able to find them all under the WeCastPlaylist tag on the Tumblr.  I already have one up... my "The Big 80s" playlist with over 500+ tracks to send you back to the "me" decade.

I'm excited for this new year, new music, and new possibilities.  Yay 2013!


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