Wednesday, July 04, 2012

White Light

Song: White Light
Artist: George Michael
Album: White Light

New music from the non-prolific, but constantly amazing, George Michael.  "White Light" is the first new music since George's recent pneumonia scare late last year, meant to celebrate the 30 year anniversary the single, "Wham Rap." (see below)

"White Light" is a sexy-eletro track about coming back from the brink, there's possible allusion to Amy Winehouse, but it's obvious George is doing what he does best... taking his life and troubles and translating it into song.  I like it, though don't understand the initial use of auto-tune on the track, which was used a bit too much on his New Order cover "True Faith" from early 2011.

No word if a new album is in the works, though let's hope.  "Patience" was 2004.



White Light
Wham Rap
Wow, I've never heard this.  Double wow.

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