Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh Love

Song: Oh Love
Artist: Green Day
Album: ¡Uno!

After the high-concept rock opera smash albums that raised Green Day from being just a trio of punk rockers to major rock players with critical success and even a Broadway show, it was assumed that the band would probably scale things back a little for their next project.  "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown" changed the game for Green Day... and while it's too soon to tell how this will all unfold, the news that the band plans to release three records between now and next January is pretty daunting.  What are they thinking?

Well, it's all pretty clever really... the band plans to release "¡Uno!" on September 25th, their ninth album, only to follow it with "¡Dos!" on November 13th, and then completing the trilogy with "¡Tre!" on January 15th, each will feature one member of the band on each cover.  More is... more.

First single "Oh Love" drops the high-concept Green Day we've come to expect with a relatively simple and sparse rock love song.  It's taken me a couple listens but I'm really enjoying this song... it's deceptively simple, and an odd reminder that despite the nasally whine, Billie Joe Armstrong's voice comes on like an old friend.  I like this.

Lots more Green Day to look forward to in the next coming months.


Oh Love
Stay the Night (unconfirmed)
Amy (Live - unconfirmed)

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