Thursday, July 26, 2012


Song: Crazytown
Artist: Aimee Mann
Album: Charmer

I must admit I haven't followed Aimee Mann like I used to, but I've gotten a chance to hear her upcoming eighth studio album "Charmer" and let's just say... I've been charmed!

I've only half paid attention to her post-"Lost in Space" (2002) output, but "Charmer" is pure Aimee, deceptively simple-sounding guitar-based rock that repeated listens unfurls clever wordplay, inescapable melodies, and moments of true lyrical genius.

Not knowing her last two major releases, I'm not sure if this is a return to her "Magnolia Soundtrack" / "Bachelor No. 2" heights, or simply a continuation of her growing body of work.  Regardless, it's great.

The album will be released in mid-September, and according to her website, the title track is the first single.  I'm really loving "Labrador" and "Crazytown," but honestly after about six or so listens to the full record, this AM's complete listen proved that it's pretty solid from start to finish, with melodies and lines popping in a way that as-heard-thru-computer-speakers did not allow.

If you're a fan, this is sounding like a must listen.


Labrador (live)

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